Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Workout Wednesday! (Last week of school)

It's been crazy strange trying to get in my workouts this week. Kids schedules are all off, they have a ton of activities and John is traveling this week.  I've had to change times up a bit but have really wanted to get in because my trainer is leaving! :(  
Gonna miss seeing him every week.  I'm trying to soak up all his fitness knowledge before he leaves! Lol

Here is a glute day workout for home and for the gym.  Give it a try.  Use weights when you can at home. Take the time to et the form right before going at it.

Have a great Wednesday Everyone! Let me know if you try the workout! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Worry less

Kicking yourself for what you ate this weekend? 
Thinking about doing extra cardio because you are pizza this weekend?

It's done. It happened and you can go back and guess what? It's okay!

I'm not sweating my weekends because I know that I have worked my ass off towards my goals.  My not clean foods are maybe 5% of my week.
I'm not sweating my weekends because I know that I am kicking my ass every time I go to the gym.
I'm not sweating my weekends because I know that date nights that maybe include beer and salmon dip are a super great way for my husband and I to keep growing in our relationship. Yup, over beer, salmon dip and awesome conversation! EVERY WEEKEND! 
I'm not sweating my weekends because I know that in some short years my kids will be young adults. At college and driving all over town, not sitting in my passenger seat telling me about the day. So popcorn movie nights and fro yo dates with them are cherished time. 

Do I check my abs on Monday? Heck yeah! Lol and they are ALWAYS still there!! I'm not going to be doing extra cardio, I'm not lowering my calories this week, I'm not going to do two workouts to work off the pizza.

I'm going to move forward. Write up my workouts, plan my meals and look at the pictures on my camera roll from the weekend and smile! 

Have a great week everyone! 
Stay positive, stay motivated! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Workout Wednesday! Legs!

 Yesterday I challenged myself to see what weight I could push without a trainers help.  Typically I wait for my heavy leg days and do them with my trainer for the spot and push! 
But my trainer is moving and I am no longer going to be using a trainer after May.  
I honestly was a little scared when thinking about it.  Will I mess up?  Will I be able to push the wt on my own? Can I push myself hard enough? 
Will I mess up all my gains? ��

Yesterday, I decided NO! And YES! Lol

Yes I can push myself hard enough, and lift enough!! 

No I will not mess up and loose my gains! 

I want to be able to do it for myself and also be able to send my trainer a picture in a couple months with forward progress!  


have a great Wednesday! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

You can...

You are capable of anything. It's something we tell our children all the time but for some reason don't apply to our own lives. 
Using excuses to stop us from reaching our "anything". 
It's hard, it's scary and sometimes it isn't very fun, to push yourself into a uncomfortable place. To push yourself into a new place where you might have to learn from other people because you don't know everything.  A place where you might feel a lot uncomfortable.   It's so easy for us to tell our children to face your fears, get over being uncomfortable, nothing worth having in life comes easy... 
Listen to that voice.  The voice of you encouraging your kids and friends. Listen to that voice and make it so loud that YOU  listen to it and apply it to your goals. Stop making excuses and get uncomfortable! 
Seeing my kids faces when I show ethen the progress that I have made by getting uncomfortable is priceless.  Hearing them tell me to suck it up and go workout when I'm complaining about being tired, that's awesome! 

Be the example not just the voice! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday workout!

Yesterday I spent my gym time in "the new gym" with my friend Shannon.  We did a great Tricep workout and then I spent a good bit of time figuring out the mirrors to see if I had proper space for my post workout selfies. Ha! Ha! But seriously...

The workout is listed below.  If you are a in the gym kind of person than maybe give it a try. :)

3 drop sets *straight bar press downs
(20 reps at each wt)
10/10/10 reps/3 sets *skull crushers, pull overs, press 
3 sets 15 *seated dumbbell extensions 
3 sets 15 *rope pull downs and rope overhead extensions 
3 sets 15 *dumbbell bent over kickbacks superset with  3 sets 20 *dips

I added in for myself *single arm cable press downs and *single arm cable extension with no attachment

Finisher for me was tricep pushups to failure. 

Disclaimer: I don't know the names of all these so hopefully you get it! Lol

Have fun! 

If you are not a gym person, 
How about this 1000 rep workout. 
Should take about 45 minutes!
*100 of each 
~step ups
~walking lunges 
*100 each
~tuck jumps
~in and out abs
~squat pulses (low and slow)
~reverse crunches
~side jumo lunges

You can mix these up to your liking obviously but I think they are staggered pretty well. 

Have a great Wednesday!! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Look!! She's gone missing from my fitness pal AGAIN!!

It's true, I confess. I am only consistent with logging my food on the app if I'm eating good and clean.  Maybe I'll keep tracking if I have a little snippet of unclean food but last week...
And this weekend...
It would have been nearly impossible to track al my food.
It happens! 

Sometimes I am all over the place with my food. Eating a clean dinner and then eating THREE pieces of peanut butter toast, WITH honey and bananas.

Sometimes I have weekends that I have something fun to do with friends and my husband (adult fun) and I drink every day of the weekend.  

Sometimes I buy bags of corn chips totally knowing that they are for me but saying to myself "I'll put them in the kids lunches". Two days later I'll be standing in the panty eating that last bit of crumbs from the bag just to be able to toss it in the trash. I never eat enough crap to be sick, but just enough to make people in my house look at me a little funny! ;)
It's not full on craziness, just a little of this and that which normally wouldn't hit my stomach. 

This isn't some sort of binge or crazy eating frenzie because I torture myself by eating so clean 90% of the time.  


I don't torture myself and do tons of cardio after a week like this.  
I don't freak out and worry that I won't fit into that bathing suits that I just bought. I keep at my workouts and  I do better the next day.

Today was better!
 Back at it full on.  Feeling myself and ready to forge forward with my goals which are completely different than anyone else's! 

I did a super great back workout, ate clean all day, drank tons of water and feel great.

Have a wonderful week! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Breakfast is the best!

As far as I'm concerned, breakfast is the best meal of the day.
My kids on the other hand, can't stand it.     But sending them out the door without food makes me sad so I've had to get a little creative.  
I say a little because it doesn't take a genius to come up with the breakfast that I put together.
This one is a waffle with a fried egg and a dab of pure maple syrup. 
They eat it, I feel better! ;)

Happy Friday!!

**next week...