Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Family Fun Challenge

**If you click on the calender it will get larger**

Okay, so here it is! I decided to do this, because my kids have really started to show a huge interest in fitness lately.  Wanting to be my running partner, showing me abs and biceps and saying how they "need to workout more because they get tired from doing jumping jacks at PE"! Thats just crazy to me but I guess thats what happens when you stop playing a sport like soccer and start playing tennis. (smaller kids dont move around that much at tennis matches, I'm not bashing tennis. lol)

So this is it.  Follow along with each day for the entire month of April.  Modify as needed for little kids and older kids can do more rounds of the Monday and Friday if they wish.  You can do whatever you like for the FAMILY ACTIVITY day, just get active.  Come back and let me know what you did together.

**IF you come back to my blog and comment about how things are going, post the times  and such for your kids, I will enter you into a drawing for a special something!! **

**I will enter your name into the drawing once for everyday that you come back and comment**

**Drawing will be done via raffle copter and will be held on the first day of May**

Have fun!!  If all goes well and we have a lot of participation, I will be doing more of these challenges!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tank or Tshirt giveaway!

Last week I was lucky enough to get this super sweet tank from Abby over at Fittd Brand Clothing. 
Let me tell you, this tank is so comfy and soft, I just LOVE it and the saying on the tank is awesome, "Stonger than yesterday"!!  She has some really fun stuff in her shop and a bunch of styles to choose from.  I love this style of tank and I think I'm going to order a "one more rep" item! Love it!

Abby is so sweet that she has decided to do a giveaway for you Lettuce Head fans!!
ONE lucky winner will get to choose a Tshirt or tank of choice from her shop.  And anyone who would like to go ahead and order something from her NOW, can use the code "LETTUCEVIP" at checkout and recieve 15% off!! How cool is that??

Good luck everyone!!  And THANK you so much to Fittd Brand clothing for such a great giveaway!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

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***UPDATE**** This contest is now OVER and you can see above that a random winner has been picked!! CONGRATULATIONS Tracey!! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clean chicken chili

I seriously LOVE Sundays.  Its the one and only day of the week that I get to sleep in, John cooks and everyone just kind of chills ALL DAY!

This past weekend John made us some clean chicken chili.  A dish that we have not had in about 4 years because the original recipe calls for 4-6 cups of cheese! I know, it could be worse, but thats a lot of cheese and I honestly havent even looked at the recipe because I wasnt sure what else was in it and I am not the one that ever cooks it.  SO, when John said he wanted to make it I cringed a little but then he said he would clean it up. OKAY!!!
The reicpe originally came to use from one of the kids preschool Teachers  (Mrs. Karen) and I just know that she would not mind one bit, me sharing it with you all.  She is really cool like that!
I am giving you our cleaned up version which turned out great and really didnt require a lot of changing to th recipe.  The main change up was the cheese, and we didnt miss that cheese one bit.

I really had a hard time just eating this one bowl, but go past the temptation by knowing that I was going to be able to have some of the leftovers for lunch the next day.

This recipe makes a BIG O pot.  We used to have a ton left over but with the kids eating so much these days, we only had 3 single servings left over. (we are a family of  5)

*6c low sodium organic chicken broth
*2 16oz cans of low sodium northern beans
*2 16oz cans of low sodium pinto beans
*9 cups of shredded boneless skinless chicken breast (about 3lbs boiled) (worst part of the recipe and why I wont cook it! takes forever.  Like more than 5 minutes ha!ha!)
*2-3 4oz cans of green chiles or 2-3 fresh jalapenos chopped and seeds removed
*1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
*1 tbsp fresh garlic chopped
*2 large onions diced
*organo, cayenne pepper, white pepper, and cumin to taste (about 1 tsp of each more or less)

Saute up your onions and garlic then add all the rest.  Simmer on a lower heat to mix in all the flavors and let the liquid get into a thinker state.  (about 2hrs)  
The kids topped with a sprinkle of shredded monterey jack cheese and ate 2-3 bowls each!! WINNER!

In other news, the kids are really getting into the LETTUCE HEADS!  Found this picture of a "healthy" breakfast on my phone from EM!!
The bowl of strawberries is her "proper portion" being put into action.  Ive been really trying to teach the kids that just because something is healthy does not mean that they can eat loads and loads of it.  WHY?  Because it costs a crap ton of money, thats why!
Em will litterally eat a entire carton of fruit in one sitting, J would eat a whole box of kashi granola bars in one day and K would drink an entire carton of OJ in a day.  Momma cant be runnin to the store every day for more food. We have a budget and helping the kdis to realize the budget and set limitations is a good thing.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Its Giveaway time!

What a better time to have a giveaway? February when everyone is starting to rethink those New Years resolutions. Maybe starting to think about summer and vacation plans.
Just wanting to get back in the groove of fitness and good healthy food!
Well I have something awesome that will hopefully help you with a little motivation!
I recieved this super cool bracelet in the mail from WORDS TO SWEAT BY.COM  and  I tested it out the other day at the gym. I RAN FAST!! :)

Its seriously crazy soft and comfy to wear at the gym and how cute is it? The shop has some super great items like this and has many other items with words of motivation to get you going!

Please enter this giveaway!! WORDS TO SWEAT BY.COM has been awesome enough to let one winner be picked to recieve a $25.00 gift certificate to her shop!  This would allow to to purchase maybe two towels or even two bracelets!!  ENTER below for a chance to win one for your self and for someone special of your choosing!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How awesome is that? Huge thanks to Words to sweat by for this great giveaway!

***UPDATE!!***  Please see that this giveaway is now closed and a random winner has been picked.  CONGRATULATIONS MOLLY!!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Chicken and shrimp gumbo

Weekend recap here! We had a very busy weekend with the kids having other kids over, going to other kids houses, needing to go to activities and us big kids celebrating a friends birthday!
Busy Friday and Saturday made for a quiet Sunday and I even took a nap by the fire! I hate naps. I really do. I always wake up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep and feel like I have missed the entire day and freak out because I then feel like I have a million things to get done. I am a mover. A shaker. A cant sit for more than the length of a movie kind of girl.

I just LOVE to be busy. Love having things to do all the time!
Saturday we went out to a country concert to celebrate a friends birthday and had some drinks. I did NOT get Mcdonalds on our drive home which is a huge accomplishment because I am not kidding you when I say a couple years ago I ate that stuff about 2-3 times a week.

That's a picture from our night out. It was a lot of fun singing to some country tunes and helping our friend celebrate her Birthday.

Back at this morning with the routine and
this morning the kids were discussing what kind of food we would all be, if we were in fact foods. Why? who knows. They also discused what kind of animals we would all be.
This was a nice change of pace from the usual super nutty things they talk about in the morning before school. Always makes for fun entertainment while drinking my coffee and it makes me smile to see them laughing so hard every morning beofre they head out into that place...SCHOOL!
oh, that reminds me of a comment The Boy made when we were out to dinner on Friday night. He said that when kids turn four years old parents should sit them down and give them a talk about how they should really enjoy being four. Take it all in, be a crazy, do whatever you can four year old because once you turn FIVE your life is over and you are a prisoner of schooland responsibility for the rest of your life. At five years old you have to start spending your days learning the alphabet instead of playing cars and then when you turn 11 people start talking to you about highschool and how you need to get focused and then before your even in high school everyone is talking about college and getting jobs and then before you know it your worried about retirement and how your going to get your own kids weddings paid for. This made us laugh so hard! Poor kids! Amazing what goes on in those minds at such a young age!

Oh, by the way, I was asparagus. That's what food the kids said I would be! Not surprising! ha!ha! K would be a churro, the boy would be beef jerky. M would be a pink sparkly cupcake with edible glitter. John would be a nutty donut.

John would be a great nutty donut! He also makes a awesome weekend cook at our house!
He really loves to cook and doesnt get to do it during the week because of those pesky responibilities and all but this weekend he treated us to some awesome chicken and shrimp gumbo!
It was so crazy good! Kids gobbled it up. I had two bowls and its on the menu for today lunch for sure! Hope you enjoy it!

Ingredients: 2 Large White onions, 6 celery stalks, 2 Whole Carrots, 1 Large pack FRESH Okra, 1 Green Bell Pepper, 1 Red Pepper, (2) 15 oz cans organic no salt added Fire Roasted diced tomatoes, (1) 32 oz organic no salt added Chicken Stock, 1 LB Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, 4 Large Chicken Breasts (precooked/boiled and cooled, then shredded) , 1 Jalepeno Pepper (optional if you like heat)

3 TBSP extra virgin oil, 2 Garlic cloves, 2 Bay Leaves, Brown Rice 2 cups (uncooked), 1 small can organic tomato paste

Spices: Pepper 1 TSP, Salt 1 TSP, Zatarans Creole Seasoning 1.5 TBSP, Basil 1 TSP, Cayene Pepper (Optional 1 TSP if you want some heat) OPtional (hot sauce of choice 1 TBSP to taste based on your desire for spice)

In large Pan: On Medcium heat- Heat extra virgin olive oil and add garlic: Add Chopped, Onions, Celery, Carrots, Okra, Green and Red Pepper and Jalepeno . Add Salt, Pepper, Creole Seasoning, Cayene and Basil. Continue to cook and stir for approximately 10 minutes.

Add Tomatoes, Chicken Stock, tomato paste, Bay Leaves, tobasco. Shredded chicken.

Raise heat and bring to boil (continue to stir to avoid burning)

Once the base has come to a boil= add (2) 16 oz cups of Water and bring heat down to simmer.

Let cook on simmer for 1 hr 30 mins- Add Brown rice and bring heat to medium for 45 minutes. Add shrimp in at the last 10 minutes of cooking and serve when fully cooked.

Add additional hot sauce of choice to reach your desired heat level.

Serve and enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just getting started back at it!

Amazing how you can get so derailed from doing the things that you love. I used to LOVE writting this blog. Its started out aas a nice Family blog about us. Silly things and updates about our Family. Something to help people that we love keep up to date with us. THEN I went and started a fitness page on Face book and decided that I needed to change the blog to go with it. Then I NEVER blogged!

Well, not blogging is going to stop now. SO many times my kids have done or said something, had a moment. I have had moments, moments that need to be shared. If nothing else, but for me to look back at this blog and remember because lets face it, I have the memory of a knat! Seriously, a knat. I'm not even sure thats how you spell the word, but its that tiny little bug that almost doesnt even really count as a bug because its so small...thats my memory size!

So, what have we been up to? Well. We had a bit of a tough start to the new year with the death of John's Dad. We had to talk to the kids about death for the first time. Like really talk to them about it and they went to their first funeral. Tough times.
The different levels of understanding and curriousity from the kids was unbelievable.
Like M having to go right up to the hole at the cemetary and look in. She talked to the guy who dug the hole and that was strange. But whatever, she seemed satisfied and OKAY.
We made it through though and are trying hard to get back into a routine.

Kids were out of school for 3 weeks because of Christmas break, then the funeral, then 1/2 day for snow...

Lets just say, if I get one more email from the school about missed assignments from the boy, I might have to go all Hulk smash and no one wants that!

Oh and thinking about your oldest going to Highschool can really make you want to drink! Like drink a lot! But, I'm hanging tough and just trying my best to push all of that whole, sign up for classes, credit for this, deadlines for that, looking ahead to college stuff... yeah, all that is getting handed to John because I will freak the freak out. I'll start looking ahead to the not so technical side of highschool.

What have I been up to?

John and I had started Insanity at the start of the new year and with the death of his Dad, that came to a stop. Currently we are gym buddies! Workingout almost everyday together and if he has to work, he is going after work! Its been fantastic!

This little guy had a pretty big moment on my Creating A Fmaily of Lettuce Heads facebook page, getting the most "likes" of any food item that I have posted.
It was the boys idea to have potatoes and who knew that they would be such a hit. Not just with the virtual world but with the Family too.
*1 large baked sweet potato
*pre grilled and chopped chicken breast
*crumbles of pre cooked no nitrate bacon
*sauted peppers and onions.
*a dollop of 0% plani greek yogurt

We got back into food prepping and wow what a differance that makes in your week. Kids have heathy snacks to grab, dinner is so much easier to prepare and although it takes a crazy bit of your time you feel so accomplished after its done!

I took John through our first crossfit inspired workout and it was crazy hard! I totally underestimated how hard it was going to be. FUN, but hard! Having to work around people that came into the functional room mid workout was stupid hard. Dud, you saw me pushing the sled, so why would you move the barbell to that area and do sets? Stupid hard.

So, we are getting back to it, I am going to get back to bloggin about food, fitness, FAMILY and FUN!! Hope you'll stick around and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black bean Chicken soup

Trying to NOT shop for groceries this week and use up what we have in the fridge. We will be heading out soon for VACATION and I like to leave with a empty fridge. I am one of those freak people that have to have the entire house cleaned, truck cleaned, files in order, and yard cleaned before I can leave for vacation. Its a problem, I know. Lucky for me my Family seems to get that I have this problem and seem to just stay away from me while I'm preparing for our trips!
Also lucky for me that the kids are all old enough to pack alone! I just make a list of must haves and they do the rest. Now we sometimes end up with car bags that are bigger that our clothes bags because they hold the contents of ones entire room, but we just smile and say "I'm not going to be responsible for getting all of that back home". Or I also like to smile and say "We are returning to this house you know. You dont have to bring your entire room". Most times it results in ONE stuffed animal being removed from the bag or a bouncy ball. Hey, better than nothing! I have my issues, so do they! Ha!ha!

Since we are trying to use what we have this week I was a little lost as to what to make for dinenr. My husband LOVES the fiesta chicken that I make but I asked what he wanted for dinner the other night too late to make that so I can up with this and It turned out AWESOME!! I LOVE me some black bean soup but my husband LOVES him some chicken. This dish is pretty much like the fiesta chicken just made into a soup. A simple soup. Because I already had my chicken prepped this really only took about 15 minutes to put together and then I let it simmer for about 25 minutes.

I was searching recipes online a while back and found that a lot of people use vegetable broth in black bean soup so I gave that a try since I happen to have a box and it was really good!
Check out the fiesta chicken farther down and you'll see that its almost the same. So if you like that, you'll love this!

Your will need :
1 whole organic cooked chicken, shredded or chopped to your liking
3 cans low sodium black beans, drained and rinsed (two of the cans smashed and set aside)
2 cups frozen corn
1 tub of all natural salsa (NO SUGAR ADDED)
1 large onion chopped and sauteed
1 box (4c) of no salt added veg stock
**spices to taste (used when cooking the onions and again when all mixed):
onion powder

**optional toppings:
low fat sour cream
2% shreded motz cheese
fresh cilantro
hot sauce

After chopping the chicken, cooking the onion with the spices, and smashing two of the cans of beans, mix everything into a pan. Spice it up some more to your liking and simmer for about 20-25 minutes. We topped ours with motz cheese and cilantro because that all we had in the fridge. It was awesome!! Everyone loved it and asked If I could write it down and put it on the rotation!
I hope your family enjoys it as well!

**This made enough for my Family of 5 with 2 servings left over.